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Citrix Web Interface

Citrix Web Interface

Posted on  March 25th, 2020   by  socialteam socialteam .

Citrix Web Interface has revolutionized the IT sector with its high quality technological services. The web customization feature offered by the interface has gained a lot of popularity in the user community. Various businesses have benefitted themselves by using this feature of the interface. The functions with which it helps the people belonging to different businesses to allow their customers to customize their websites is highly appreciable. 

Various versions of Citrix Web Interface have been successful in meeting the needs of the users in the past. With every new version it has brought in new and more useful tools and has improved the whole customization experience. The 5.0 to 5.3 series of Citrix Web Interfaces have all been very good.

But now you have an even better version which has immense capabilities. With some new functions it promises cater to the needs of the end users effectively. The features of 5.4 are discussed as under:-

Improved user interface

The upgraded interface is more user friendly now. It provides a very fine layout to the end users. This surely helps them to navigate better. The color scheme is also better in this version which improves its readability. 

Session Sharing

5.1 also supports session sharing in case Virtual Machine hosted applications. This is an exclusive feature. It is only works for seamless applications and known users.

Multiple Desktop Accessibility

The older versions of this interface did not have this option. This new feature allows the user to access more than one desktop simultaneously.  This separates 5.4 from the previous versions and makes it quite special. 

 Enhanced smart card support

The compatibility of the interface with some more environments has increased with this enhancement. It has an improved authentication. With this improved support Access Gateway can be handled in better way.It even complies with FIPS now. But only with pass-through authentication you can use it. Also you need to log in as a domain administrator. 

Default Values

With 5.4 administrators get benefitted. They can now easily configure more default values to their websites and improve its presentation. Things like quality of the audio, issues related with bandwidth, color schemes, etc. can be improved.

Verifies ICA files

This version of the web interface helps ICA clients in authenticating the ICA files through their signs. The digital signs of this interface make this possible.

With such extensive features in its possession Citrix Web Interface 5.4 becomes any end user’s first choice. The web navigation experience has seen a complete transformation with it. All the issues that the older versions had have been successfully fixed by this interface. Moreover its installation procedure is also very simple. This is a new leap forward in the area of web customization. 

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