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Publishing VMware Horizon Applications using VDEM Shortcuts to Stream Apps to the Start Menu & Desktop via SSO in Horizon View 7.11

Publishing VMware Horizon Applications using VDEM Shortcuts to Stream Apps to the Start Menu & Desktop via SSO in Horizon View 7.11

Posted on  February 26th, 2020   by  Jesse Boehm .


Recently I worked on an environment that had many Legacy Applications that are difficult to install and
that we also wanted to keep off the Server 2016 Golden Image. We decided that Streaming Apps to the
Start Menu with Pre-launch enabled was the quickest method of delivery. Unfortunately, there is not a
lot of documentation on what we trying to accomplish. Using several articles and blog posts I was able
to compile all that information into this document for a single place to setup VMware SSO/Login as
Current User from with a VDI Session and configure VMware Dynamic Environment Manager to publish
those Shortcuts using Horizon View Application URLs.

About the environment:

Configuring Horizon View 7.11 for Login as Current User

Beginning in Horizon View 7.8 the Login as Current User option under the Options Menu is no longer displayed on the Windows based installer.

Step 1:

On your VDI Golden Image:

Installing the Horizon View Client from the Command Line with Login as Current User set as Default. For this we will use command line switches to install the client. You can find all the Command Line switches here:

We will be using the following command line switches



You can see the formatting for installing from the command line here:

The command line will look like this

VMware-Horizon-Client-y.y.yxxxxxx.exe [commands] [properties]

For our install


Restart your Golden Image when prompted.

That completes the work done on the Golden Image.

Step 2:

Configure Horizon View Connection Servers for Login as Current User

There is great article here on how to do this:

Allow the Connection Server to accept Logon as Current User for authentication

  1. Open: https://fqdn/admin
  2. Login
  3. Click on Settings then Servers
  4. Select the  Connection Servers Tab
  5. Select the Connection Server and click Edit
  6. Select the Authentication Tab
  7. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Accept logon as current user”
  8. Click OK
  9. Repeat for any addition Connection Servers

Enabling the Domain List in the Horizon Client

  1. Open: https://fqdn/admin
  2. Login
  3. Select Settings
  4. Then Edit “Global Settings”
  5. Scroll down and select “Send domain list”
  6. Click OK

Step 3

Configure Horizon View Client Configuration in Active Directory

Add the VMware vdm_client.admx admx/adml to Active Directory

Great Article here on how to do this:

Create a GPO to provide SSO to the application and to avoid the user having to provide his/her credentials again.

Enable “Default value of the ‘Log in as current user’ checkbox’” under “Classic Administrative Templates\VMware View Client Configuration\Security Settings”

Enable Logon Domain Name, Server URL & Automatically connect if only one launch item is entitled

Under > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > VMware Horizon Client Configuration > Scripting Definitions set the following settings

Step 4

For Step 4 we assume you have RDSH Published Applications in Horizon View and VDEM is being used in the environment.

I found the easiest way to get the URL String you need add an Application Shortcut to your desktop then view properties

Right click the Application and select Properties. Under Web Document you will see the URL field for the application you want to Publish VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

Step 5

Login to VDEM, click the User Environment Tab, then Right Click on Shortcuts to Create Shortcut

Configuring VDEM Shortcut with Horizon View URL

URL will look like this for Target, the URL copied in the previous step:


I am creating a Start Menu Shortcut under the Folder “Applications created by VDEM” and also placing the Icon on the Desktop for this example.

Login to your VDI Desktop and confirm you see the Word 2016 Icon in the Start Menu and on Desktop.

Double click the App Icon to launch


That completes setting up Horizon Apps with VDEM to deploy Published Applications from the Start Menu and Desktop.

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