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Citrix Storefront is the replacement for Citrix Web Interface. It is Citrix’s way of providing the end user access to their XenDesktop and XenApp Desktops and Applications through NetScaler Gateway to a business’s critical workspace.

StoreFront has gone through some major growth in its short lifespan, but now since the first versions of 2.5.* it has become a very stable platform. Now with 3.8 we finally have a fine-tuned application that is very stable and works beautifully with NetScaler to deliver Desktops and Applications from XenApp and XenDesktop. Citrix StoreFront is now fast, feature rich and user-friendly and well as multi-platform capable as well as usable on all mobile devices.

With the End of Life of Web Interface most companies have started full transitioning to StoreFront but a lot of companies are still using Web Interface. We have been working with our customers to make the transition as smooth as possible and to make the migration from the web interface as seamless as it can be. Now with features released is StoreFront 3.8 such as Disabling User Subscriptions we can start making Citrix StoreFront feel a bit more like Web Interface. Not the same, but not so entirely different to give your end users a total shock, well unless that is what you are going for; As we can do that too. But the option is always there not to do that now.

Client Branded Citrix NetScaler Login Pages to StoreFront Interfaces

You may have found yourself coming from Web Interface 5.4 with a white interface after years of a black web interface in the early web interface 5.3 and previous years. Now you have setup NetScaler and you are back at a black screen and user’s login in and they are sitting at a green bubble. This is where comes in. We can make both NetScaler and StoreFront match your Company Branding, keep your Company Brand Identity consistent across your Interface Platforms.

We Brand and Customize for Citrix StoreFront 3.8,3.7,3.6, 3.5/3.0.1 &

The Custom Citrix StoreFront Package includes:

  • Design to Client’s Existing Brand
  • Design Integration into all pages of Citrix StoreFront
  • Install Package and Install Document
  • 1 Install by on 1 server via GoToMeeting
  • 30 Day Bug Fix Guarantee

The Package does not Include our Add-on Modules that you will see on our Demos.

Available Add-On Modules:

  • Session Info Module (Display Active Directory and Receiver Client Information)
  • Announcement Module (Posting Announcements Pre & Post Authentication)
  • Company Links Module (Display commonly used Links to All Users)
  • Twitter Integration Module (Display your Twitter Feed)
  • Outlook Web App and Outlook Web Access Integration
  • Downloads Module (Add/Edit/Delete Downloads for All Users or by AD Global Group)
  • Remember Me Module (Remember your Username and/or Password)

None of these Modules are part of our Custom Branding projects and are sold as separate items. Let us know if you are interested in any of our Add-on Modules and we can include these in your Quote.

Or we offer a Custom Citrix NetScaler Login Page & StoreFront 3.0 Bundle Package, you can select that on your Get A Quote form.

There are no ongoing licensing or paid support fees. The 30-day Bug Fix period begins once the product is installed in the client’s environment and applies to the items with the scope of the project. And as with all of’s Custom Interface products, the customized Interface design can beinstalled on Unlimted StoreFront Instances and Servers through your Citrix Enviroment as long as they are the same build version.

Projects take 15 business days from Design to Install. All projects come with a 30 Day Bug Fix Guarantee. will always be available in the future to help you with any updates. All Customizations are versions specific, so we will confirm your versions before we start. Interface Branding Solutions specializes in Branding and Customization of Citrix, Microsoft and VMware product. Are you looking for a total branding solution for all the Interfaces that you use? Are your end users confused by a black NetScaler Login Screen; A green bubble StoreFront screen and then a generic Outlook Web App Interface that all looks nothing like your company? That is where we come in. This is where our Total Branding Solutions come into play. So Get A Quote and Get Connected with and find out what we can do for you.

Based on your individual needs, will work with you, your marketing team, design company, whomever you wish to develop an interface design that is custom made for your business, with your branding and the features you need.

Client Citrix StoreFront Interfaces

If you don’t see the customization you need as part of our standard custom module add-ons that we offer just let us know what you’d like to see and we will let you know what your options are. can customize your Custom Citrix StoreFront Package with other features. The possibilities are endless: Every custom feature you see on our Demos or on our website started life with a client request.

So if you want all your Citrix, Microsoft and VMware Technology Products in your environment branded seamlessly to match your company or organizations brand identity, can make that happen. It is our specialty.

Contact today to Get A Quote and get started on your Interface Customization Project.

Did you know that is the only company in the world to be Certified Citrix Ready by Citrix Systems for all our Citrix Interface Products for XenApp 7.6 and XenDesktop 7.6 and all backwards compatibility versions? Check out our Citrix Ready Page. Citrix stands behind us, which means they support us and they support you. No other company in the world can make that claim.

About Interface Customization Services from is unique: were the only company in the world that offers Interface Customization on Citrix StoreFront, Citrix NetScaler Gateway, Citrix Web Interface, Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager, VMware Horizon View HTML Access, Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013, Microsoft RD Web 2012 R2 and 2012, Microsoft Outlook Web App 2010 and Microsoft RD web 2008 R2.

We are a professional team that has been built and finely honed in this specific field that we pioneered. What we do is Custom Interfaces, if you are looking for a Company that knows Custom Interfaces on the Frontend and then can have someone jump on a phone call and talk about the Technology these Interfaces are used for on the backend then you are at the right place. is owned by Jesse Boehm, a Certified Citrix Engineer with over 15 years of professional Citrix Consulting experience as well as deep roots in Application and Desktop Delivery and Virtualization since it began. When you deal with you are dealing with Jesse. I bring my real world experience from the backend to the frontend and from the front to the backend. I am a person you can trust and a person who will go the extra mile every time to earn your repeat business and make you happy. I am all for lifelong relationships and a positive attitude.

Yes we are a Development Company. Yes, we are a Branding and Design Company. But yes we are a Technology Company first. We are located in New York about an hour and 15 minutes outside of New York City. Related Interface Customization Services performs interface customization and modification for a full range of Citrix and Microsoft applications:

  • Citrix StoreFront 3.5
  • Citrix StoreFront 3.0.1
  • Citrix NetScaler Login 11 Page
  • Citrix NetScaler Login 10.5 Page
  • Citrix NetScaler Login & StoreFront 3.5 Package
  • Citrix NetScaler Login & StoreFront 3.0.1 Package
  • Citrix NetScaler Login & Portal
  • Citrix Web Interface 5.4
  • Citrix Web Interface for NetScaler
  • Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Theme
  • VMware Horizon View HTML Access
  • Microsoft Office 365 Login Page
  • Microsoft Outlook Web App 2016
  • Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access 2012 R2
  • Microsoft Outlook Web App 2010
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access 2012
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access 2008 R2
  • Interface: FAQ
  • Interface: Get A Quote

Email to discuss your Citrix StoreFront branding and customization needs.

Do You Want to Interface?™

Please note:

  • Please read our Interface Policies and Procedures here. It will answer many questions about our entire process. It is a huge source of information and a very detailed explanation of how we work and think. It is definitely recommended.
  • All Interface Customization Services are offered for English versions of software and interfaces only. Clients needing customization work in a non-English environment must discuss their needs with before the Customization project begins.
  • Likewise, if third-party tools (such as RSA SecurID) are required for authentication, Clients must inform of this before work begins on the project.
  • offers a 30-Day “Bug Fix” on all custom-designed interfaces once the interfaces are released to the client.

The User Experience is More than The Appearance

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